Raw Data Overview

The Raw Data Overview tab enriches your experiment analysis by providing a detailed look at the orders and page events associated with each test variation. This detailed insight allows for an in-depth understanding of user interactions and the direct impact of test variations on your Shopify store's performance.

Orders Per Test Variation

  • Variation Selection for Orders: A dropdown menu at the top of the Orders section enables you to select and view orders for each specific test variation.

  • Order Details and Navigation: The Orders table lists all the transactions tied to the selected test variation, detailing order IDs, purchase dates, amounts, and the total items purchased. By clicking on an order within the table, you are directly taken to the corresponding order page in Shopify for a detailed view. This seamless navigation facilitates a deeper exploration of each transaction, enhancing your ability to analyze purchase patterns and customer behavior.

Experiment Events Table

  • Page Events Tracking: The Experiment Events Table is dedicated to showcasing live data of page events within your experiment.

  • Insights into User Interaction: Each entry in the events table details the type of page event, its occurrence time, and the test variation it belongs to, providing a clear picture of how users are engaging with different page variations. This focused approach on page events allows for an accurate assessment of user engagement and interaction patterns.

The Raw Data Overview tab is designed to offer a clear lens into the depth of your experiment, highlighting the sources and specifics of your data. This data aims to provide you with a detailed understanding of the foundational elements that contribute to your experiment's results.

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