How to create a split url experiment

This guide walks you through the process of setting up and launching a Split URL experiment with Elevate A/B Testing, enabling you to compare different webpage versions directly by using distinct URLs.

Step 1: Create an Experiment

  • Navigate to Dashboard: Access the Elevate A/B Testing dashboard and locate the 'Experiments' section.

  • Initiate Experiment: Select 'New Experiment', then choose 'Split URL Experiment' from the dropdown menu to begin configuring your new split URL experiment.

Step 2: Enter Test Details

  • Name Your Experiment: Assign a clear and descriptive name to your experiment for easy tracking and reference.

  • Add Description and Hypothesis: Though optional, providing a detailed description of what you're testing and your hypothesis can add valuable context to your experiment, outlining the objectives and expected outcomes.

Step 3: Enter URLs for Testing

  • Enter Original URL: Input the URL of the page you want to test as the control version in the experiment.

  • Add Variation URLs: For each variation, enter the URL of the different page version you wish to compare against the control. You can add multiple variations if needed to test several alternatives simultaneously.

Step 4: Allocate Traffic Percentages and Name Variations

  • Adjust Traffic Distribution: By default, traffic is evenly distributed among the control and variations. Adjust these settings as needed to direct a specific percentage of traffic to each URL.

  • Name Variations: Label each variation to help identify and track its performance throughout the experiment.

Step 5: Set Total Traffic Needed for Completion

  • Define Traffic Goal: Determine the amount of traffic required to reach conclusive results. Establishing a goal helps in achieving statistically significant outcomes.

Step 6: Conduct Quality Assurance (QA)

  • Review and Test: Prior to launching your experiment, thoroughly review each URL and variation to ensure they are correctly set up and reflect the intended changes. Use the Preview button on each test variation card to verify that each variation's URL loads correctly and matches the expected content and layout.

By closely following these steps, you can successfully set up and execute a Split URL experiment using Elevate A/B Testing. This type of experiment is invaluable for assessing the impact of significant changes across different webpage versions, offering insights that can drive informed decisions for optimizing your site's performance.

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