Ending a Price Test

When it's time to conclude your price test in Elevate A/B Testing, there are specific steps to ensure the transition is smooth and that any adjustments to your Shopify store are accurately reflected. Here's how to properly end a price test and consider next steps based on its outcomes.

Step 1: Marking the Experiment as Complete

Automatic Completion

Price tests are designed to automatically mark as complete once they reach the predetermined total traffic amount needed for the experiment. This ensures that the test has gathered sufficient data to provide reliable insights for informed decision-making.

Manual Completion

If you wish to conclude the test before reaching the total traffic threshold, you can do so manually:

  1. Navigate to the Experiment Page: Access the Elevate A/B Testing dashboard and open the experiment page for the test you intend to conclude.

  2. Experiment Settings: Find and click on the Experiment Settings button, then select the dropdown menu.

  3. Complete the Experiment: Choose Mark as Complete from the dropdown options. This action ends the experiment and changes its status to completed. Concurrently, any test variations or duplicate products are set to an archive status in Shopify, making them inactive in your store's lineup and inventory system.

Step 2: Decision on Price Rollout

Post-experiment, evaluate whether to adopt new pricing based on the winning variation's performance:

  • Implementing New Pricing: Should the test results favor a particular variation, consider applying this new pricing store-wide to leverage its success.

  • Maintaining Current Pricing: If the experiment's outcome doesn't warrant a change or you prefer the existing prices, no further action is required. Your store will continue operating with its current pricing structure.

Step 3: Post-Experiment Actions

Following the experiment's conclusion, it's essential to update any related marketing materials:

  • Update Marketing Materials: For stores rolling out new prices, ensure all marketing channels reflect these changes. This includes emails, social media, advertisements, and any promotional content that mentions prices.

  • Ensure Consistency: To avoid confusion and maintain trust, it's crucial to consistently update the new prices across all platforms and materials.

By adhering to these steps, you'll effectively close out your price test with Elevate A/B Testing and smoothly transition to implementing the insights gained, whether that involves adjusting your pricing strategy or continuing with your current setup.

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