General FAQ

What can I test with Elevate?

With Elevate A/B Testing, you can test a wide range of elements to optimize your Shopify store's performance. This includes page layouts, call-to-action buttons, product descriptions, images, pricing strategies, and more. Elevate's versatile testing capabilities allow you to experiment with almost any aspect of your store to improve user experience and increase conversions.

Do I need to manually install any scripts on my theme?

No, there is no need for you to manually install any scripts on your theme. Elevate A/B Testing is designed to integrate seamlessly with your Shopify store, ensuring a hassle-free setup process that doesn't require manual code alterations.

Does Elevate have any performance impact on my store?

No, Elevate A/B Testing is designed to have minimal to no impact on your store's performance. Our solution is optimized for efficiency, ensuring that your site's speed and user experience remain unaffected while you conduct your A/B tests.

Will testing affect my search engine listings or SEO?

No, conducting tests with Elevate A/B Testing will not affect your search engine listings or SEO. Elevate is designed to ensure that your A/B testing activities remain invisible to search engines, preserving your site's SEO integrity.

Can my developers test Elevate on a development store?

Yes, developers can test Elevate on a development store. After installing the app, simply reach out to us via email at or use the live chat widget on the right-hand side of the app interface, and we can grant access for testing purposes. This ensures that your team can fully explore Elevate's capabilities in a development environment before rolling out changes to your live store.

Does Elevate track post-purchase upsells?

Yes, Elevate A/B Testing tracks post-purchase upsells. This feature allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your upsell strategies within the checkout process, providing valuable insights into additional revenue opportunities and customer behavior.

Does Elevate track orders made with one-click checkout payment solutions?

Yes, Elevate effectively tracks orders made through one-click checkout payment solutions. This ensures that all transactions, regardless of the checkout method used, are accurately captured and included in your experiment data for comprehensive analysis.

Will Elevate remove UTM parameters when a visitor lands on my site and is part of a test?

No, UTM parameters will not be removed when a visitor lands on your site and participates in a test. Elevate A/B Testing ensures that if there's a redirect for a test, those UTM parameters are passed through and persisted, maintaining the integrity of your tracking and analytics data.

How does Elevate handle customers who switch devices?

Elevate randomly assigns users to a test group upon their visit to the site. If a user visits from another device, there's a possibility they will be placed into a different group. We do not assign test groups based on user data to protect privacy and prevent potential skewing of the data. While it's possible for users to switch groups if they switch devices, this occurrence is rare and generally does not significantly impact test results.

I need to edit something on my live test - how do I do that?

You can make edits to your live test by navigating to the experiment and selecting the Overview tab, where you can make any necessary adjustments. If the change is significant and the test has been running for some time, consider starting a new experiment to avoid affecting the results. For minor changes or if the test has just started and doesn't have much data yet, making adjustments should be fine.

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