Page Test QA Checklist

Before launching your page test with Elevate A/B Testing, conducting a thorough quality assurance (QA) check is vital for ensuring your setup is accurate and ready for evaluation. This step-by-step guide helps you meticulously review and verify your page test experiments.

Step 1: Access Your Experiment

  • Navigate to Your Experiment: Open the Elevate A/B Testing dashboard and select the experiment you plan to review.

  • Overview Tab: Click on the Overview tab to view detailed information about your experiment.

  • Test Groups Section: Scroll to the Test Groups section to see both the control group and the variations prepared for testing.

Step 2: Review Page Variations

Ensuring consistency between the control page and its variations, except for the deliberate changes, is crucial. Follow these steps for a detailed comparison:

  • Preview Pages: Each test group card, including the control and variations, features a Preview button. Click this button on each card to view the corresponding page variation in a new tab.

    • Layout and Design Consistency: Check that the layout and design elements are consistent across all variations, aside from the specific alterations you're testing.

    • Functional Elements Check: Ensure all buttons, navigation links, forms, and other functional elements are operational and consistent in behavior across variations.

    • Content and Media Accuracy: Verify that all content, including text, images, and other media, are displayed correctly, with intended changes clearly reflected in the variations.

    • Interactive Elements Functionality: Confirm that any interactive elements like sliders, tabs, or animations are functioning smoothly and as expected in each variation.

Getting Help

If you encounter challenges or need expert guidance on your experiment setup, we're here to assist:

  • Live Chat Support: For immediate help, use the live chat widget located at the bottom right corner of the Elevate A/B Testing app interface.

  • Email Support: Email us for a comprehensive review of your experiment setup. Our dedicated team is ready to ensure your page tests are optimally configured for success.

This QA checklist aims to streamline your review process, enabling you to confidently proceed with your page test. Should you require further assistance or have specific questions, our support team is just a message away.

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