Starting a Price Test

Step 1: Final Checks Before Launch

Head to the experiment page within the Elevate A/B Testing dashboard. On the Review Tab, you’ll see sections for Product Reviews and Other Apps and Inventory. If everything’s set up correctly in these sections, simply click "Mark as done" for both to indicate they’re complete. This ensures all prep work is in place for your experiment.

Step 2: Launching Your Experiment

On the same experiment page, press Start Experiment to go live. This action begins your price test, allowing you to start gathering data on how different pricing strategies perform on your Shopify store.

Step 3: Conducting Post-Launch Quality Assurance

Once your experiment is live, it's essential to perform a thorough quality assurance (QA) check to verify the functionality of the test settings. This involves adding products to the cart and proceeding to checkout, particularly focusing on the test variations to ensure that all elements work seamlessly. This step is crucial for confirming a smooth shopping experience for your customers and securing accurate data from your price test. Utilize the QA checklist provided in our documentation as a guide for this process, ensuring comprehensive coverage of all test aspects.

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